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Incense Sticks 15gm (Various Fragrances)

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Fragrance Nirvana

Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP is the maker of the world famous Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. For many people, when they think of incense, this is what comes to mind. We offer a wide variety of their most popular scents, including Nag Champa, Super Hit, Satya Natural and many others. All of these are hand rolled Masala based incenses.

12-14 sticks per 15gm box

Nag Champa  Description: Positivity Key Notes : Earthy, Harmonizing Use : The exotic Nag Champa blend is known to cleanse spaces and purify the atmosphere. The aromatic incense is a great tool for meditation and reaching states of deep relaxation.

Patchouli Description: Heady Key Notes: Spicy, Intriguing Use: Earthy and powerful, the Patchouli flora incense keeps insects and harmful germs away and acts as an excellent laundry freshener as well as grounding the user.

Meditation Description: Tranquil Key Notes: Alert, Undisturbed Use: The Meditation incense blend helps alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety and develop mental strength. Use it to attain deep states of relaxation and compassion.

Vanilla Description: Sweet Key Notes: Sensual, Inviting Use: The Vanilla flora incense fills your surroundings with joy and sweetness. It acts both as a sedative and a mood enhancer and can help soothe tired nerves and spruce up a dull space.

Reiki Description: Gentle Key Notes: Enchanting, Healing Use: The Reiki incense blend is a gentle fragrance that heals the user during a time of physical or mental illness and helps restore one’s emotional well-being. This blends activates a natural healing process and is best used during meditation and while practicing reiki.

Lavender Description: Soothing Key Notes:Warm, Herbal Use: Let the freshness of the Lavender flora incense soothe you and take you into a pleasant world where there are no worries that are weighing you down.

Opium Description: Sophisticated Key Notes: Elevating, Rich Use: The Opium flora incense aids in removing suffering and opens up the mind, body and soul to the path of beauty. Being dream associative, it can also be used to overcome sleep-related issues and enhance concentration and focus.

Spiritual Healing Description: Balancing Key Notes: Immersive, Sacred Use: The Spiritual Healing blend is known to harmonize energy imbalances in the user’s aura and create a joyful environment that promotes self-love and acceptance.

Positive Vibes Description: Energizing Key Notes: Neutralizing, Inspiring Use: The Positive Vibes incense blend helps in creating a positive outlook through the day. This blend is perfect to use on a bad day or to begin one’s day by inviting the universe to send you good vibes.

White Sage Description: Woody Key Notes: Sacred, Grounding Use: Start your day with the White Sage flora incense, which helps rejuvenate the body and cleanses the spirit and energy of the space.

Rosemary Description: Sacred Key Notes: Minty, Potent Use: Satya Rosemary is beneficial for strengthening memory and gaining clarity of thought. A symbol of love among many cultures, it is a highly stimulating scent that promotes change and growth.

Tropical Lemongrass Description: Gentleness Key Notes: Stimulating, Rejuvenating Use: Satya Lemon Grass is a pleasant incense that are beneficial in many ways: to fight depression and fatigue, to ward off mosquitoes and as a natural air freshener owing to its clean, citrusy fragrances.

Jasmine Description: Quietude Key Notes : Calming, Mesmerizing Use : Like the strong scent of the Jasmine, the flora incense too fills the user with passion and self-confidence. An antidepressant that fights nervous disorders, it evokes beauty and helps balance the feminine energy/yin within the body.