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Black Label Cleaner 12oz

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The Fastest Liquid Cleaner on the Market.

Randy’s Black Label Cleaner is one of their very best sellers. This response is based solely on the results that Black Label produces after every single use. Black Label is a lightning fast resin and goo cleaning solution for any metal, glass, or ceramic smoking utensil. As far as glass cleaner goes, Black Label is the best in the game. Just apply Black Label to any piece, shake, and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing out in warm water. In no time Randy’s Black Label Glass Cleaner will have your piece looking good as new, and performing like the day you pulled it off the shelf. Black Label is one of the hottest cleaners on the market. Many of Randy’s customers use it exclusively as their go-to pipe and glass cleaner.

This proprietary blend is almost instant acting on resin build-up, and contains special ingredients that leave your glass as shiny as the day you bought it.

The next and arguably most important component is the scrubbing particles. These natural particles work in tandem with this liquid solution to help agitate and dislodge gunk.