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Review of Kleen Green Gold

Hi guys and welcome to my review of Kleen Green Gold, a natural smoking pipe cleanser from the people behind the Celebration Pipes.

I'll admit, I'm super lazy and never clean my pipes. There are many in-excusable reasons for this, but one legit reason is that majority of glass cleaning solutions out there include ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. When you Google "how to clean a pipe" the usual response is sea salt and isopropyl alcohol - which is toxic to humans!  No bueno!

Before we get into my review, let's go over the history of the Celebration Pipes. Created in 1973 by a man named Steve aka DaPiper, these unique pipes were originally made as Christmas gifts for friends and eventually Steve decided to turn it into a business. Some of his famous clients include Ziggy Marley, Tommy Chong, B. Real, Woody Harrelson, and Fleetwood Mac. The Mellow Ladies were lucky enough to meet him at Champs Las Vegas 2017, and he couldn't be more nice. And he's from Illinois like me! 

Kleen Green Gold

Top: DaPiper with the 500th and 1st issue of High Times magazine

Bottom: Celebration Pipes ad in the 1st issue of High Times magazine


Since we started testing our pieces, there are pipes we go back to and use for ourselves recreationally because we really love them and the gold Celebration Pipe is one. 

Celebration Pipes are truly some of the most beautiful and unique smoking pipes you will ever see. They're plated with gold and made with their signature ceramic and lava stone composite called Lavastoneware™ so these pipes are pretty solid and durable. But, that doesn't mean they keep clean after use. Like any smoking pipe, these need a little TLC after use. 

So, unable to find a good, all-natural cleaner, the good folks at Celebration Pipes came up with a MIRACLE called Kleen Green Gold. 

And let me demonstrate how low-maintenance the cleaning process was: 

Step 1: So, you can see the state of our gold Celebration Pipe (pic below).  Since this is a tougher job, first we sprayed the solution directly into the bowl about 5 times.

Step 2: Kleen Green Gold solution is actually a concentrate and so it doesn't need much to go far, but I decided to also fill a bowl with warm water (never hot) and poured some of the solution in to soak the pipe as well. It's recommended to use 1 part solution and 3 parts water, but it was more of a 1:5 ratio since I just wanted to try less solution in the beginning. 

Kleen Green Gold Before

Don't judge me


Step 3: I let it soak, pulling it out every couple minutes to wipe down with a soft cloth (please do not use anything abrasive) and then I put it back into the solution water to soak for another couple minutes. 



Step 4: After repeating Step 3 again, you'll notice the tar and resin has loosened and even the hardest and stickiest residue was coming right off! No scrubbing, picking, or scratching- it just wipes off so easily. For really tough jobs, you may have to let it soak a little longer and use a Q-Tip for nooks, but in this case the total cleaning time was about 6 minutes.

We noticed the solution had a distinct scent that wasn't great, but not unpleasant either, but helped mask the smell of dirty resin water (bleh) which is a huge plus for me. Even after rinsing the bowl and washing my hands, they were both smell- and residue-free! The solution has a little oil in it which made wiping the gunk off easier and left a beautiful polish on the gold bowl. 

However, we were unable to save the screen our Celebration Pipe came with and that ended up getting chucked. But, screens are easy to replace and this wasn't a big deal for us.


Kleen Green Gold After


I am giving this product a huuuuuuge thumbs up! I am still stunned it was able to clean a very dirty pipe as easy and quickly as it did. And not only does it clean smoking pipes, but try it to remove lime and build-up on your bathroom or kitchen faucets. 

And the best thing of all? There's no harmful chemicals as everything is au natural. Ingredients include: water, fatty acids, organic alcohols, and mineral and plant based surfactants. 

So, try out Kleen Green Gold as a safer option to cleaning your pipes. Why waste your herb or jeopardize your health? 

The End.  

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