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Pop-Up Part 3

Hi all!

Happy New Year! 

The pop-up was overall a success! Definitely the best part was meeting our customers from all over the country. The location of the Boombox shipping container we were in (see video below of a quiet evening) is in a busy, trendy neighborhood in Chicago where there were a lot of out-of-towners coming to visit and shop. We met a cool, older gentleman who picked up one of our alabaster crystal pipes for his herbal healer back in Philly. And one of our Lil' Whaley's made it to Florida! We are so excited and heart happy to hear a lot of positivity from our customers about our stuff.  

On the downside, the weather sucked so bad. But, it's the winter in Chicago and what can you do. We still saw people out. The key is layering with the right pieces. It's organizing clothes efficiently onto your body.  

Now that the pop-up is crossed off the list, we are excited to move forward to other projects to further our mission. Champs Las Vegas is on the list as well as some other fun February events. Stay tuned! 



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