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Pop-Up Part 2

Hey all!

It's the big week and we're doing last-minute things to get ready for the opening of the Meli Jein pop-up. We have a pretty eclectic and rad array of merchandise ready to go home with nice people. 

We did our advertising through social media and newsletters, but we also went around the neighborhood to pass out fliers. Some of us were severely underdressed for this and remained frozen for the rest of the day even in front of a vent blasting heat. 

So far the response has been positive which we are delighted with! But, I mean who doesn't love a good smoke shop? Especially one where fellow mellow ladies can come to shop in a warm atmosphere where we for sure will be listening to Mariah Carey and possibly sipping on some champagne towards the end of the night. 

Stay tuned for more...

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