Our First Time...With YouTube

Hi everyone!

Christine Y.  here again with another blogpost for you.

Today we're writing about filming our first YouTube video for our channel, The Mellow Ladies, in which we showcase one of our first products- the Lil Whaley shown here:

Cute Green Small Pipe Smoking Accessory

A sweet, demure pipe trying to look rustic.

This was a huge challenge for us since none of us have any video making experience BUT luckily we have awesome, creative friends who helped us a lot and actually made the experience really smooth and a lot less nerve-wracking. 

The shoot was really impromptu with a lot of creative hands on deck. Who knew a simple product video would require 5 people? Our friends also let us use their cameras which resulted in much better video quality than my cracked iPhone. 

Meli Jein Smoking Accessory Small Green Pipe

These are the friends. 

 But, oh my, our voices. Ugh- I know no one likes the sound of their own voice, but when you add clogged nostrils and a Chicago accent it is downright offensive. No one will take us seriously when we sound like the wives of the Superfans. 

We starting off doing a lot of improv-ing which is a bad idea after you smoke. I was saying everything in one breath and you can hear the panic in my voice. At one point, talking for a minute felt like 15 seconds and I realized I was rambling anxiously about the cutest pipe in the world. I also say "um," a lot. But, thank da lord, fellow Mellow Lady Nina came back from her trip and did the lovely voice-over instead.  

Something that I feel like all three of us Mellow Ladies need to work on is getting over being filmed. I personally do not like taking photos of myself and definitely no video. I am not a performer and I do not like attention and I think I can say that about the other Ladies as well. When I turn on my "sparkle" voice, I sound condescending and borderline creepy. 

Filming ourselves is something we need to practice and work on as we are planning on making more videos and actually reveal ourselves to the internet, holy shit! 

Sometimes we forget that a video mic picks up all sorts of background noises. Even something as small as spreading cream cheese on a crusty bagel. Again, not the most pleasant thing to hear especially when it's really out of context. Oops. 

Also, have you noticed how strange words are especially when you repeat the same things over and over again? 

But, alas, it wasn't as painful as we thought mostly because of the technical support we had.

Lil Whaley Small Green Pipe Smoke Accessory

Coffee does nothing to calm your nerves. Wine would have been better. 

We thank for the shooting and editing our friend Golf who has his own amazing YouTube channel called AboutGolfVlogs and the music was done by another talented friend eddie supa. We'd also like to thank Action and Dear (how awesome are those names?!?!) who gave us a lot of support and ideas. 

Seriously, we wouldn't have been able to do it without them so, thanks friends.

Til next time! 


Here's the final product. Not too shabby, I think. 



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