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Meddling with my Munchies

I'm pretty well-versed in feeding that munchie machine and tend to believe a nice meal is best enjoyed with a little reefer beforehand. I don't typically smoke while cooking. Sometimes waiting to enjoy a smoke til after the meal is plated costs you time and the temperature of your meal may not be as optimal.  Or sometimes smoking before eating might provide just the right distraction for someone else to come along and steal that meal away from you.

As was the case last Saturday. Hit with a blast of nice weather I was informed work would be slow and I'd somehow managed to snag the night off. That third taco I didn't eat because I didn't want to be too full before work was now about to go in my belly.

I sit down to write a quick email and just before finishing up my computer dies on me. I go to charge it in the other room, and to take that smoke. 
I smoke my bowl, charge my electronics and finish my email. I load another bowl and am ready to devour that taco.

I return to my taco and pick up a stray piece of meat that had fallen off the plate and eat it. Yup, I'm hungry! I'm confused as hell when I go to scoop up the taco only to find the tortilla missing. I'm pretty stoned and I start questioning whether I forgot to build my taco on a tortilla but how and why would that even happen? Then I see the outline of a bushy tail flicking back and forth in the corner of my window.  This furry fiend chewed his way thru my window to steal the tortilla right from under my taco!  

The stolen goods


Where he broke in


He left some poo, too

This is some brazen day-time breaking and entering!

A word from the wise: Getting stoned before a meal might cost you...that very meal.

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