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Since we've opened Meli Jein, I've done some digging around the great internet on female sexuality. At first I was looking for more scientific stuff, but when you Google "women sex facts", that can take you in a whole bunch of different directions. This is just a small fraction of what is out there, but I've narrowed it down to a few of the more interesting ones. This is just Volume 1, by the way.  

FYI I am not a sex expert- all of the information was found online like how we all look for things now. This blog entry is supposed to be entertainment and not medical advice. 


The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings.

Wowee! I was really surprised by that one. I mean, yes the clitoris is a powerful thing, but it's so small and cute! It's the most sensitive in terms of nerves in your woman area causing it to spread the feeling of pleasure throughout your whole pelvic region when stimulated. Men have 4,000 nerve endings in their penis :(


Vibrators were invented during the Victorian era.

They were originally invented by doctors to treat "hysteria" in women. Hysteria wasn't anything life-threatening - it was just pent-up horniness. And who was visiting the Dr. Make-Me-Feelgoods for this problem the most? Virgins, nuns, and widows. 


"Perhaps you moved your knees away from each other, this could be a littler easier, madam?"


The proper way to alleviate these women was manual stimulation by the doctors which was probably exhausting after awhile. I'm imagining the really good ones to be seeing patients all day. If I was one of those women getting treated and my doctor was really good with his fingers, I would recommend him to all of my girlfriends. Sharing is caring.

Anyway, that's how vibrators came to be - the first electrical vibe was patented by Hamilton Beach in 1902! When I read this, I found myself having a deeper appreciation for my Hamilton Beach appliances. Good for you HB! Way to be a pioneer, advertising "smut" during one of the most sexually repressed times in American history. 

Let's move that a little lower



Benefits of the female orgasm: 

Obviously orgasms are awesome. But, besides feeling good, there are a lot of other amazing things it can do for a lady's body.  

    • When you come, you release endorphins which can help ease headaches and cramps because endorphins increase your pain tolerance by 70%. Orgasms also benefit the circulation in your pelvic region promoting healthy tissue growth and can help regulate your menstrual cycle. 

    • Orgasms can help you get pregnant! Orgasms can increase a woman's fertility by stimulating the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which regulates the reproductive hormones that make ovulation happen. Also, pulsating movements of the vaginal walls during orgasm is designed to push sperm up toward the uterus and into the cervix. 


Masturbation Month is in May - originally May 14, now May 28. 

Let me tell you about a great woman named Joycelyn Elders. In 1993, during the Clinton presidency, she was appointed Surgeon General of the United States. Joycelyn was the second woman and first black woman to have that title. Then it was taken away in 1994 because of her controversial views.

She believed that teaching children about contraception could reduce teenage pregnancy and decriminalizing drugs can lower the crime rate. But, the thing that got her in the hottest of waters (which eventually led to her forced resignation) was that she believed masturbation was a part of human sexuality and should be included in the sex-ed curriculum. 

That's such a huge bummer. Especially since she's right. Sex-ed is really awkward to begin with, might as well throw masturbation in there too. Especially since at that point, most kids are probably starting to discover it anyway. Why show us videos about childbirth? Most of us can't relate to that yet. But, pre-teen hormones and self discovery? Sure. 

In 1995, our friends at Good Vibrations decided to declare May 14th as officially Masturbation Day in honor of Joycelyn and her controversial, but progressive  ideas. And now, the whole month is dedicated to the act because why not? For some people, it's the whole year. 

Bill Clinton has always given off a certain vibe to me. There was a kid in my class named Brian that looked like a kid version of Bill Clinton and once in 3rd grade, he pinched my butt. I whipped around to see him sitting at his desk smiling. I wasn't creeped out. That's what I think of when I think about Bill Clinton, but we all know he's more adventurous than pinching asses. 


Hey kids! Use condoms!



According to a Dutch study, wearing socks during sex can help you orgasm.

During an experiment on how orgasms affect the human brain at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, the women in the study complained they were cold. So after they were given socks, the percentage of these women achieving orgasms went from 50 to 80%!!! What the hell?! So, besides finding out that women's brains showed lower levels of anxiety and fear as they approach orgasm blah, blah, blah, WEARING SOCKS MAKE YOU COME. 

I feel really conflicted with this. Socks in bed are not sexy to me. I don't even like wearing socks in bed when it's cold. Actually, I don't like wearing socks period. I'm not wearing them right now as I type this. Buuuuuuut, I'm willing to try anything once especially if I can get something rewarding out of it. And there are really cute socks out there. Maybe like these:

But, definitely not these!!!


Well, we've reached the end of the sex facts I found interesting for now. Like I said there are PLENTY more. 

Until then, ask your friends if they know who Joycelyn Elders is. Next time you're at a party and the daiquiris are being made in a Hamilton Beach blender don't forget to floor your friends with some history knowledge. And excite your lover with why you're keeping your socks on tonight. 

Your welcome. 





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