Dopest Birthday Ever

I’m extremely blessed to be tight with a group of some pretty amazing women and every year, for my birthday, we ladies celebrate together. This year, my girl Sharla, a stylist, an Event Planner, and an extraordinary cook (not to mention an extraordinary friend!) hosted my birthday party and she just blew me away.  Of course, she incorporated some our MJ inventory into the mix, because every great party has really great "party pieces", right?  Take a Look:


While Sharla was putting the finishing touches on dinner, we started the evening sipping some wine, nibbling on starters and, of course, enjoying some herb.  The Pre-Dinner hang sets the tone of the whole evening, and the Pineapple Pipe by Humble Pride Glass was perfect for this. I love this pipe.  It's got a lot going on.  It's warmly hued with beautiful subtle shades of yellow and green. Its got a nice weight to it and it has nice textures too. I love to hold it. I love to smoke from it. Would you make a toast of Champagne without a Champagne flute? It just wouldn't feel right.  Well, you shouldn't start a party without a cute pipe. It truly complimented some good vibes.


Ladies Smoking Pineapple Glass Humble Pride

Above Pic: I'm in a happy place.



 Jane West Beaker in Cobalt Blue

Above Pic: Pre-Dinner shot of our Jane West Beaker. It was at anyone's disposal during the whole evening and it traveled throughout the night and featured here while pouring some wine.  


The cuisine was French Indochine.  I've never celebrated my birthday with French Indochine food before, and I can honestly say that if that's what I have to eat for every birthday hereafter, it's not a problem. Because, I. Don't. Have. The. Words. To. Describe. How. Delicious. The. Food. Was. 

So, here's the menu:

Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wraps with Veggies

Shaved Red Cabbage Salad 

Pho-Rench Onion Soup

Braised Lamb Shank with Sweet Potato

Green Chicken Curry

Table Setting for Indochine Food

Above Pic: There was no smoking during dinner. But wasn't the table set beautifully? The lively, bright colors and contrasting patterns were well-matched with the bold fusion of Indochine flavors. 


It is a truth universally acknowledged that calories don't count when it's your birthday. I take this to heart. I had at least two helpings of every course during dinner and then at least two helpings of everything for dessert. We veered away from the French Indochine theme with dessert, but it was just as delicious. Banana Cream Pie (Shout out to Bang Bang of Chicago). Gelato. Chocolate Chip Brownies. And Pillsubury Funfetti Two Layer Cake (don't scoff at a boxed cake mix, I loved this cake as a child. I love it still).  

Rustic Spoon by Empire GlassworksEmpire Glassworks Rustic Spoon Pipe

Above Pic: Our Rustic Spoon Pipe by Empire Glassworks with the Chocolate Chip Brownies.  It's such a beautiful, dreamy pipe to finish off the evening with. With its nice deep bowl, we didn't have to stop and re-pack while enjoying dessert. 

 White Pebble Stone Hand Pipe


Above Pic: My favorite OCB rolling tray and our Coconut Pebble Pipe joined the Banana Cream Pie and the Funfetti Cake for dessert. 


Actually, no.  We skipped the Fernet and concluded the evening with a Shine 24K Gold joint. 'Cause that's what you do when it's your birthday. 

Shine 24 K Gold Pre Rolled Cone

Above: Filling up our Shine 24K Gold joint.


Shine 24 K Gold Pre Rolled Cone

Above: It's lit!

Needless to say, it was one of the best birthdays ever. Special thanks to Sharla for making this all happen.  You never cease to amaze me and you always make me feel loved and special. Thank you, Marita, for all your help too. You know how to make things look good. And a million thanks to Nic for the exemplary photography.  It was a lovely night. And you captured it beautifully.

Until next year.  

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