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A Better Way To Get Lit: Our Review of Bee Line Wick

Hey guys! I'm Christine and I'm one of the buyers here at MJ. I love the Bee Line wicks and really pushed to include them into our list of must-haves because of the quality of smoke you will have with a clean wick. I like tasting my herb. I know that sounds a little bougie, but I'm telling you, there is a difference! 
There's nothing against using a lighter for sure and it is more convenient, but sometimes there's that naggy voice in my head saying, "There's a better alternative!". And anyone with a discerning palate when it comes to their herb wants to get to know the taste in it's purest form.


I try to use my Bee Line as much as possible, but there are some safety concerns. They work just like a candle wick- so they stay lit! Remember to blow it out after each hit and never leave a lit wick unsupervised. Wicks are not the best for multi-tasking, either. 
I never take mine outside of the house, but when I'm at home chilling you better believe I'm lighting a scented candle and unraveling a wick.
Speaking of candles, they are also great for lighting candles in larger jars! I use them to light my candles when they get towards the bottom  and my hand can't squeeze through the opening anymore.  




Bee Line Wick is a great deal and each book has 9 ft for $3, or you can get 2 (18ft) for $5. It's also all organic with simple ingredients: organic hemp and organic beeswax.  I love my wick to smoke with and they are also great for lighting low candles in deep jars, but remember to extinguish your lit wick.
Wicks are something I will probably use for smoking until there are no more wicks left on this planet!



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